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PUSH is the first scientifically validated wearable device to provide true objective insights about your performance in the weight room. The patent-pending algorithms are able to detect every repetition you perform and provide actionable feedback during and after each set to let you know whether to keep pushing or to hold back. 

PUSH was built with the best in mind and is actively used by over 50 professional teams across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, EPL and AFL. PUSH is used by athletes in over 25 countries across 6 continents. Coaches and athletes at the elite level struggle with the same challenges all of us go through, they need to know when to optimize their time in the gym and reduce their risk of injury due to overtraining. Leveraging Velocity Based Training as well as a suite of advanced screening tests, coaches can establish baselines for their athletes and monitor their progress in real-time towards their goals for each phase.


How much weight? How many reps? We've all asked these questions before. PUSH is here to help guide training in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose a training focus
  2. Pick an exercise
  3. Get feedback

PUSH helps you calibrate the intensity of your training based on the training focus you set. The recommendation engine, PUSH Assist, has been built  based on the experience of countless experts in Velocity-based Training (VBT). For more details, check out their blog for posts about VBT.